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Lapurete is an Australian natural cosmeceutical skincare brand which makes specialty products targeted towards signs of aging, which are clinically proven to produce superior anti-aging results.

It is a pioneer in the emerging global trend of natural cosmeceutical, a field where scientists are increasingly discovering the amazing power of Mother Nature to provide the answers to some of our toughest anti-aging dilemmas.

Lapurete products contain no toxic ingredients, and are packed with clinically proven, natural active ingredients that target all signs of aging including wrinkles, expression lines, sagging skin, age spots, dry skin, eye bags, dark circles, enlarged pores and UVA damage.

Key characteristics of Lapurete:

• Highly concentrated anti-ageing Cosmeceutical style ingredients to target the signs of ageing skin • Clinically proven natural anti-ageing ingredients to delivery visible results within a number of weeks • High quality, natural, effective skincare ingredients for younger, healthier, beautiful looking skin • Targeted natural ingredients for low irritancy to maximize benefits on the skin • Include rich nourishing ingredients to make your skin feel refreshed and younger • Lapurete harnesses the anti-ageing fighting benefits of clinically proven unique natural ingredients to deliver - Natural Cosmeceutical

The Lapurete ethos is that you don't need to put harmful chemicals onto or into your skin when you can get the same anti-ageing benefits with amazing natural ingredients.

There are two different product ranges under Lapurete:

1. The Okuru range - designed to tackle and reverse the more advanced signs of aging, for users aged 30+ and above;

2. The Wakame range – designed to tackle the first signs of aging, for users aged 20+ and early 30s.


Lapurete Okuru Range

Lapurete is the world’s first range of anti-wrinkle products containing a natural Botox alternative, Okuru. Okuru is a plant native to a remote part of Western Africa, where locals have been using it for centuries for its high nutritional food value and skin benefits.

A few years ago French scientists set out to investigate the secret behind the local inhabitants’ flawless skin and discovered that Okuru contains a combination of peptides that minimise wrinkles in a similar way to Botox, but are natural, safe and can be applied topically without the need for invasive injections.

Professor Barrie Finnin, former Chair of Formulation Science at Monash University, decided to test this theory in an attempt to prove it didn’t work. Instead, what he found was astounding. “We independently performed clinical testing of Okuru, Lapurete’s hero ingredient, and found that the appearance of wrinkles was reduced by up to 39.8% in 3 weeks,” said Professor Finnin. “These results are impressive! I believe that the Lapurete range is a great option for women who do not want to resort to cosmetic surgery procedures,” he said.

The Okuru peptide is the key active ingredient in the Lapurete Okuru anti-aging range. The range offers modern women a convenient, inexpensive, natural but most effective 3-step anti-aging skincare system that can fit effortlessly into their daily routines:

• Step 1 – Mild Creme Facial Cleanser: The exotic and luxurious Mild Creme Facial Cleanser removes dirt and impurities, whisks away facial and eye make-up and tones the skin. The cleanser contains Okuru and passionflower which has been used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for centuries for treating skin conditions, enhancing relaxation and as an aphrodisiac!

 • Step 2 – Revitalising Eye Creme: Okuru targets expression lines such as crow’s feet while a powerful combination of peptides from sweet pea, soy and rice bran and yeast proteins combine to drastically reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags, providing a unique all-round effective eye treatment. 

• Step 3 (Day) – Protective Day Creme: A combination of peptides from sweet pea dramatically increases skin firmness and elasticity while Okuru works powerfully to minimize the appearance of expression lines. 

• Step 3 (Night) – Revitalising Night Creme: An extract from the Resurrection Plant drenches the skin with intense moisturization to combat the harsh ageing effects of dry skin. This amazing extract has been clinically proven to provide up to 24 hour moisturization and has been shown to provide powerful anti-oxidant properties enhancing the skin’s ability to combat environmental damage.

In addition, Lapurete offers a highly concentrated Okuru Double Intensity serum for those who demand more intensive and faster results.

Clinically tested and proven results of the Okuru range:

 Reduce the appearance of wrinkles such as crow’s feet by 39.8% after 3 weeks

 Increase the appearance of skin elasticity by 35% after 6 weeks

 Reduce the appearance of dark circles by 32% in 4 weeks

 Reduce the appearance of eye puffiness by 25% in 4 weeks


Lapurete Wakame Range

One of the main causes of skin aging is the breakdown of collagen and elastin from environmental exposure such as UVA radiation. This results in the appearance of the first signs of ageing with the formation of wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

The Wakame range is designed to cater for younger users who are experiencing the first signs of aging, but are looking for products that are effective, but are lighter and less oily than the typical anti-aging products.

Japanese women are renowned for their radiant, youthful skin which is attributed to their high consumption of Wakame seaweed, known as the “beauty preserver”.

Wakame (the key ingredient of this range) is a type of seaweed which is known for their ability to survive in their harsh environment by producing a powerful substance called fucoidan. They are full of antioxidants like Zinc, Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and C.

The Wakame range is packed with clinically proven, naturally derived, marine based active ingredients that protect the skin and repair the first signs of aging. Apart from Wakame extract, two of the other powerful marine active ingredients include Thermus Thermophilus Ferment Extract and Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract.

Thermus Thermophilus is a marine bacterium that is a super-antioxidant that protects the skin against UV and environmental attacks, whilst Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is a marine bacteria peptide found in the Antarctica known for its proven power to regenerate and protect the skin by retaining moisture and water, heal wounds, increase collagen and elastin production, and improve hydration.

There are only 3 daily skincare products in the Wakame range, making it an extremely simple and user friendly 3-step skincare system for the active younger generation:

Step 1 – Hydrating Foam Cleanser & Toner – This self-foaming cleanser removes dirt and impurities, whisks away facial and eye make-up, while hydrating and toning the skin.

Step 2 – Multi Active Eye Repair - Multi action reduces the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles.

Step 3 – Protect & Repair Lotion – This super light lotion protects the skin from UVA damage, dryness, irritation, evens up skin tone and reduces the appearance of the first signs of ageing. Clinically tested and proven results of the Wakame range:

Reduces The Appearance Of:

 Wrinkles by 13% in 4 weeks

 Dark Circles by 32% in 4 weeks

 Eye puffiness by 25% in 4 weeks

Improves The Appearance Of:

 Skin smoothness by 14% in 4 weeks

 Skin elasticity by 21% in 4 weeks

Lapurete Okuru and Wakame ranges of products are available at all TNS Skin Lab outlets nationwide or through their online shop TNS Skin Lab.  One can also buy from HiShop

Press release.  Photos are by TNS Skin Lab

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