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I think it has been a long battle between the two reasons. One side will say that is it is useless to use toner and it is just a waste of money while the other one said it is a must to use toner in the daily routine. I think there is truth to both sides of the stories.

This is my opinion on it.

Use a toner

  • You do not exfoliate your skin with scrubs, mask, vitamins or using any cleansing tools

  • Use toner to help preps skin because it moisturize the skin

  • You just need something for you to feel really clean

  • You are die hard follower of the Korean skincare steps

You do need toner

  • You are already using exfoliating agents-retinol, scrubs, peels, vitamin or those cleansing tools

  • You have sensitive skin that can’t take any friction

  • Too lazy to spend too much time on having too many steps in your skincare routine

  • Wanting to have money

There are humongous ranges of toner now to cater for all sort of skin. You could check this link HERE for different types of toner.

As to answer the question does using toner helps to have flawless skin? Again it is Yes and No. Yes, if you get the right toners for your skin type and no if your skin is already in the best condition so asking this toner to do it wonders is just impossible.

Again, it is an endless journey of searching for the ‘right’ toner as not every toners are the same and suits everybody. Toner is just one of the contributing to the flawless skin and it is not meant to be use alone.

Personally, the toner that I think that I like generally like are those with calming agents and also those essence types because it will make the skin bouncy.

Overall, having a good skincare routine is important.  Using or not using toner is just a part of it.

I am not a professional chemist or anything so what I said here is just my opinions and please do not be angry if the opinions or the trend here changes.
The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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