Wednesday, 15 October 2014


This is the restaurant that I will patron most of the time. The reason is because their food has the most value for money compare to other restaurant. The portion is big and the price is cheaper than the other Chinese restaurant available in Mersing. It is just next to Guardian.

This is a Chinese restaurant which is not Halal as they do have liquor and pork. If you see a closed sign, it means all the tables are full. Unless you are willing to wait outside which might take one hour for a table, then look for other restaurant. It is uncommon here as people here don't wait for table unlike in big cities.

When you enter, only seat at the table without pork or spoon as it indicate it is empty. Tables with pork, chopstick, plates and spoons on the table or different colour table colour clothes shows that the table is already reserved for someone.

I like that they have the table clothes as it looks neat and clean. It is fully air conditioned and there is also free wireless internet service. I think the decorations inside the restaurant are simple. This restaurant doesn't have a menu book but rest assured because the person who takes your order can speak and understand English. I always see other tourist coming into this restaurant for food.

What is good to eat here?

I would recommend going for their selection of dishes and not noodles as the comparison between their dishes and noodles are far. Their dishes are way far better than their noodles.

Bean curd in the clay pot
Bean curd in the clay pot is so fresh and crunchy. The vegetables is cooked just nice and the tofu was generous as the pot is fill up and enough for four person. The sauce is very fragrant and goes well with your rice. One can't help but keep on scoping the sauce up to the last drop.

Love the kangkung with sambal belacan. I find the kangkung is cooked just nice. It is so crunchy that there is sound when I bite into it. The sauce with sambal belacan is just perfect to go with the rice and not too salty or watery. I think this is one dish that one should order if anyone wants to try the taste of Malaysian food. I love this very much and can't help but order this one every time I visit Mersing Seafood restaurant.

MERSING SEAFOOD RESTAURANT shark's meat with dry chilies
shark's meat with dry chilies

I ordered shark's meat with dry chilies as I prefer spiciness. You could ask for other suggestion considering that everyone may have special preferences or dislikes. The fish is very well cleaned and so the meat does not have any fishy smell. Usually, there will be too many dried chilies and onions but very little of meat in other restaurant. However, it is different here. There is a lot of the shark's meat and it is cooked just right because the meat retains it freshness and taste. I love this dish very much but this dish is not available all the time due to the weather and people here don't eat shark's meat.


A pot of chinese Tea RM3 (refillable with hot water)
Rice RM1 per plate
Fish RM 15
Meat RM 18
Vegetables RM 8
Bean Curd RM12

No sure about price of beer here.

Non Halal

This is not a sponsored review.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


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