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Hi Shop Pink box

Here is the Hi Shop pink box bringing beauty skincare here. =)

We need to clean our pores before using other skincare products on our face. This why there are some products to exfoliate our skin. I was very much intrigued when I saw this mask on the Taiwan beauty show and was really surprised at the very low price.  However, do not look down on it since it is cheap and affordable compare to other masks.

If you have trouble skin like me or congested pores, then you will probably need to try this one out.

Coni Beauty's Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask (20ml)
Coni Beauty's Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask (20ml)
  Coni Beauty's Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask (20ml)

Added black diamond charcoal, rich in whitening and moisturizing nutrients, regulate excessive oil.
Black Rose essence provides sufficient energy to skin cells, enhancing brightening and anti-oxidant ability, with comprehensive whitening effect.
Particularly well suited for blemished complexions which require deep cleansing.
Remove melanin from the inside out and exfoliate. Restores skin’s vitality and elasticity, rejuvenates & brightens dull skin.
Skin feels fresh, elastic and bright and no longer oily!
The link to the product Here

Coni Beauty's Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask (20ml)
Coni Beauty's Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask (20ml)
Instruction on how to use it

The jar is made from light plastic and it is matte black.  It is easy for travelling as I do not like to carry heavy jar of products.  Most of the words are in Chinese.  Sorry, I can't read them.

I could only guess that it is the usage instruction of applying the mask about 0.3cm after washing the face.  Leave the mask for about 30minutes.  Then, use the cotton pad to wipe it the mask off before washing it off with warm water.

Coni Beauty's Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask (20ml)
Coni Beauty's Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask that is very black
The mask is black in colour and it has a very subtle metallic shine on it. I sure feel like I am applying roses on my face.  The colour is because this mask is specially made from the rare black Rose and diamond charcoal which functions is to clean the pores from pollution and also to moisturize the skin. I love the heavenly cooling feeling of the mask especially during such hot weather .

The dark black colour might shock everyone but it sure does it job in cleaning the skin without the tight and dry feeling.  It looks as if I am applying charcoal on my face and  I don't mind looking silly for 20 minutes before revealing beautiful skin.  Try to do this when no one is around or for Halloween purposes as I am sure you do not want anyone to have a nightmare from looking like you are having charcoal on the face.

The jelly mask has very soft pudding texture and definitely no sticky feeling at all.  Application was as easy as a breeze.  After 30 minutes, it wouldn't look so black.  Then, wipe it off with tissues before wash it off with warm water.  I prefer not to leave anything on my face so I normally wash it off. I  love the nice feeling and the bouncy feeling of using this mask.  I do think that jelly mask is more suitable for those with combination skin or dry skin that couldn't use clay mask which could be very drying.

 Jelly mask can also helps to balance the water on the skin to avoid the pores producing more oils.
It will certainly helps to brighten the skin, deals with pores and clean the pores plus it is super cheap.  I am going to add this into my weekly treat =)  .

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Coni Beauty Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask 20ml at RM6.90 . Made In Taiwan

Coni Beauty Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask 100ml at RM49.90 . Made in Taiwan

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