Wednesday, 5 June 2013


This shampoo really smell like oranges and other citrus fruits ^^.  It doesn't lathered up much and i need to use extra to put on my hair.  Whether it does help to repair the hair, i am not sure since i do not have coloured hair yet  > <  .  It does left my hair felt clean and my hair doesn't get oily that fast.  This is suppose to be more moisturizing and gentle for those coloured hair but my scalp is the oily type.  Well, i didn't get the volumizing one so this is also okay.

The deluxe sample i got comes in form of  plastic cap with metal bottle.  It is quite hardy as there isn't a dent on the bottle even when I dropped it on the floor few times.  It is good to recycle it back for travelling =P.  The liquid comes in milky clear orange colour.  This is an organic brand from France.  Dermatologist do recommend this brand too.  The shampoo smell of citrus fruits which I really enjoy.

I heard someone mentioned shampoo for the coloured hair is suppose to be more gentle and makes the hair shinier.  My hair is in okay condition since i don't usually dye it.  So, I am not sure about the shinning effect.  My hair wasn't any particular soft when I use this shampoo so I still need a little conditioner and mask to achieve that soft effect.

For more information, please visit Phyto Paris.

50ml Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo is from April Bag of love  .Thanks to The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger .

200ml Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo retails for  RM88

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