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Aquaswim is a special range for hair and body care for swimmers that are able to remove the chlorine inside those swimming pool water.  Ordinary shampoo could not neutralise the chlorine when we go swimming.  It is suitable for children as well.  There isn't any strong fragrance that can cause allergic and it is suitable for the whole family.

The sea is beautiful but does not make my hair beautiful by the end of the day > <.  My hair will look, feel and smell like dry wires after playing at the sea.  So, i am really happy to have these three products to try them out ^^.

orange cap:  Aquaswim Antichlorine Conditioner 100ml (RM14.15) ,  200ml (RM25.15)
blue cap:  Aquaswim Antichlorine Shampoo 100ml (RM14.15) , 200ml (RM25.15)
green cap: Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash 100ml (RM14.15)

Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash 100ml (RM14.15)

Just as the name suggests, Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash is to remove chlorine and chlorine odour from the skin and reduce dryness and skin irritation.  It contains natural aloe vera to help moisturise the skin. There is no strong fragrant or any specific odour which is too my liking. My skin always feels very dry after the swimming at the sea but this product is good.  It moisturise my "tree bark" skin.  It doesn't make the skin very soft but it does not leave it dry which is already good enough.  It is a lot better than those cheap Rm10 for 1litre that my mum always buy *sorry mum but i think she won't be reading this*.  For only Rm14.15, it is worth the price since one doesn't have to use "oil or body lotion" after the swim in the sea.

Aquaswim Antichlorine Shampoo 100ml (RM14.15) , 200ml (RM25.15)

I like the shampoo plus the conditioner. I wouldn't suggest you to just use the shampoo alone without the conditioner.  Do not just use the shampoo alone especially after swimming at the sea!!  The salt water plus the sun FRIED the hair nicely into unrecognizable Maggie MEE.  Unless you are fan of Afro style hair, try to be hardworking for the sake of your hair.  Swimming in the sea really damaged the hair a lot.  It is 10times harsher compare to the clorine in swimming pools.

Aquaswim Antichlorine Conditioner 100ml (RM14.15) ,  200ml (RM25.15)

I love this Conditioner. ( How many times had i stressed how much i love it)  The sea water plus the sun is really bad for the hair.  Coarse, dry and totally damaged. It makes my hair soft and repair it immediately.  It is easier to wash the hair too, entangles all the knots and leaves my hair soft to the touch.  I will put the conditioner on the hair first to soften the hair before washing the hair after swimming.  It may be weird but it works rather than keep tugging on the hairs to loosen all those knots.  Besides, one don't have much time if you are using the public toilet and it is uncomfortable to carry too many things inside those tiny cubicles.

My routine after swimming would be Conditioner on the whole hair> Shampoo> Conditioner on the end of hair> Body Shampoo> Face

Sorry, got no time to take picture of my ugly hair.  I don't think anyone want to see a crazy women. > <

Here is after using the shampoo and the conditioner.  My hair is shining ^^. It soften all those roughness cause by salt water.  Do try them out ^^.

Please don't mind my face > <  

Aquaswim Antichlorine Body Wash 100ml (RM14.15)
Aquaswim Antichlorine Shampoo 100ml (RM14.15) , 200ml (RM25.15)
Aquaswim Antichlorine Conditioner 100ml (RM14.15) ,  200ml (RM25.15)

Products are available at Watson, Guardian, Caring and all leading independent pharmacies in Malaysia.

Products are sponsored by DKSH but does not affect my judgement.

Lastly, here is some photos of the beaches.

tiny crab

Can you guess what is this?

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