Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Don’t use products for acne skin if you already have nice skin

If you do not have acne or just one or two, don’t try to use products meant for acne skin especially those herbal ones cause it may cause you to have terrible out break out.

Using too many Over-the-Counter products

-do not keep trying products and products to get cure for the skin.  It takes time to get rid of acne.

Do not use whitening products

-don’t try to use whitening products to cure the acne scars if you still have erupting pimples as it will worsen your condition

Do not go for facial just to get temporary fix

-it does not work for me over the long term as spending too much of money for facial is ridiculous for my tight budget.

Do not use anything with kiwi in it

-I realize that using facial wash with kiwi make my acne worse

Do not use Benzoyl peroxide ALONE
-what I realize was over the years that benzoyl peroxide is only a drying agent and can’t kill the can bacteria fast enough.  So, it won’t work if you are just using it alone.  Benzoyl peroxide will just dry your skin and make more pimples.  Dry skin and sensitive skin will cause more pimples.

Triclosan does not work for acne

Triclosan doesn’t help with acne.  Besides, you will wash the cleanser properties off your face, so it doesn’t help.

Not everyone is suitable for herbal products
-Not everyone suits herbal products.  Some herbal products are stronger than those chemical skin care products.  Some people couldn’t tolerate certain ingredients in the herbal products so it might worsen the acne.

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