Wednesday, 8 August 2012


1. Use soap on the face.  This worsen the condition.  One should only use soap below the neck. ONLY BUY the facial wash that is SOAP-FREE.

2. Did not take out waterproof sunblock using makeup remover.  It had clogged my pores slowly without me realizing.

3. Under the sun without sunblock.  It caused my fair skin to break out.

4. Simply apply products meant for the skin allergy.  Later, I know that steroid in allergy creams had cause my skin to be thinner, not curing the acne and make me more sensitive to sun.

5. Too much of moisturizer can cause clog pores.  Sometimes, being greedy and hoping it will work well will end up in disaster.  Just using about 20 cent of a size is enough for the whole face.

6. Popping acne will cause more to appear.  Use pimples gel to get rid of it.  You can go here for the OTC pimples gel products which I find more useful than some expensive products.

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