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Here is a review to a place that many will get recommend when they are in Teluk Intan.
However, the stalls is now passed down to their children generation.  However, still I like to just let you know what I think about Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan since I receive some comments on the food is not as delicious as what bloggers or TV food channel mentioned.

Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
It is by the road side so I don't really fancy eating it at the stalls.  This is my first time having it there so I will suggest you to do takeaway than eating there.

Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
There are only drink and rojak.  So not ad visible to eat that only for lunch or dinner.

Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
Coconut juice
Coconut juice, Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
Coconut juice.  It is alright. It does get water down by adding sugar in it.

Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
Rojak Ah Chai, Teluk Intan
Here is the rojak. Rojak is a salad fruits mixed into it and adding a little of the crunchy fried crackers. The one I have here is only the pineapple, crunchy crackers, sliced guava and jicama turnip.  It does have a special sauce in it which is the star of this stalls actually.

Rojak (fruit salad) is just meant as tea time or as snack so do not eat this in the morning as meals or else one will have stomach after that because pineapple does contains acid.  What I like the most about this stall is actually the crunchy crackers that I don't get else where for fruit rojak.

The place is actually near a primary Chinese school SRKJ(C) San Min 1 so it is easy to find this place.

Product retails for
Rojak RM4.50 or RM5
Drink RM1.50

Rojak Ah Chai at 
Jalan Woo Saik Hong, 
Pekan Teluk Intan, 
36000 Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia

Not sponsored.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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