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Sorry,  this is a girl thing which might be some embarrassment to read for male out there.  I wrote this to share about the Asian stuff which some people out there might be curious to know.  Personally, I have terrible cramps during my monthly thing so there are some things that I do and don't do to make the pain bearable.  Else I will be on the floor and the pain is only temporary eased after I eat painkillers.  My mum is a traditional minded person and so she doesn't allow me to have painkillers.  Instead these are the few things that helps.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about 'cold' and 'warm'.  It is not the water 'hot' or the ice 'cold' thing but a principal of every food has it 'aura'. Don't ask why the food is considered 'cold' or 'hot' because that is how it is.  The Chinese believes about the balance of Ying Yang.  So, when woman is having monthly thing, it is consider 'weak' and so should avoid some certain food.



1. Don't drink green tea
- green tea is 'cold' so it will makes the stomach area 'cold' and make the blood clot more which is really not good as it will cause you more pain.  It is good to drink green tea on other normal days but avoid this when you have your monthly thing.

2. Don't wash your hair on your first day
-the cold air can get into the pores of the head and make your body more prone to pain.  This is true if you do not want to have frequent headaches or migraines.  If you wash it on the second day, make sure to dry it as soon as possible.  Don't sleep with your hair wet.

3. Don't bath with cold water
-bath with warm water to encourage blood flow. cold warm makes the stomach area cold so if you are not in pain the first day, you will the next month.

4.  Don't eat something sour (no lemon or tamarind)
-In Malaysia, we have this Laksa which is spicy sour so this food is supposed to cause more 'bleeding' and pain.  Yeah, I accidentally drank this and almost die 'bleeding' a lot for 7days.

5. Don't eat anything 'iced' or from the fridge directly  or ice
-it is considered that anything from the fridge has a 'cold' air to it so cold stuff is not good for you.  Cooked food are different.  SO, say goodbye with your cold bubble tea or ice cream for few days

6. Don't sleep in air conditioner or on the floor
-sleeping in air conditioner means that you are putting your body along with all the 'cold' stuff and make your body even 'colder' when you are supposed to warm up your body.  it is the same as the floor because floor has 'water' that gets into the skin and hurts the body.  There is where the cramp comes.

1. Drink warm ginger tea, eat dark chocolates and grapes
-ginger tea is 'warm' so it helps with the blood flow. You are not supposed to drink ginger tea if you are going for surgery.  I am not joking here. ginger is similar to ginseng.  It is not for one who is going for surgery (not matter what surgery it is).
You can drink plain water but make sure it is warm plain water and not those straight from the fridge.
Dark chocolates and grapes helps with the pain.  SO, get those food ready every month.  Fresh ginger is not as useful as the yellow powdered dry ones.  Good dry powdered warm ginger are warm the moment you drink. You can actually feel the warm fuzzy feeling going into the throat.

2. Wear socks
-the foot is the part which is 'cold' so wear socks to sleep. You can apply some 'warming' balm on your soles and your stomach.  The only warm balm that I like is the one from Thailand(Siang Pure Balm). The balm is in a 12g glass jar and aluminum cap.  If you are lazy to wear socks, then just make sure your blanket is thick enough to warm your leg.

3. Eat more warm food
-Of course with this, I don't mean heated food from the fridge. Try some sandwiches, meat, bacon or red meat.  We generally need more 'warm' food so it is meat.  Lesser vegetables since those are cold.

4. Wear clothes that covered the shoulder area and stomach
-Basically when we have the monthly thing, the body 'cold' and weak so don't exposed those 'weak' area to coldness which can disrupt the 'Qi' around the body.  Even if it is so warm and humid in Malaysia, I will wear long sleeves and thick clothes on the few days else I can become sick easily.

5. Eat nutritious food the day after your monthly cycles
-it is the best time to take some 'warm' herbal food the day after your monthly cycles to help replenish your body.  In Indonesia, they eat 'Jamu' while in here the Chinese will drink some sort of herbal soup.  It is also for young looking skin.  Most people will drink those red dates, ginseng, some herbs plus black chicken.  If you are rich, probably sea cucumber or ginseng. XP  Poor people like me will just have to make do with eggs, meat and ginger.  It isn't as fantastic as ginseng but it is still better than nothing.

I think that are the tips that I wanted to share with my dearest readers.  All the advices I talk about comes down to the same thing-keep your body warm with 'warm' food and avoid 'cold' stuff because those disrupt the blood flow and the thing that cause cramps.  Everyone has different 'Qi'. I have friends who don't fall sick or have cramps unlike me who is a sick fragile person.  Just like acne, I wish that I can just use plain water for my face or do not need to deal with all these monthly pain thing.

Do let me know if you have any question for me or any tips that you want to share here. Thank you.

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