Beauty and skincare trends change from time to time.  I notice similar trends following beauty bloggers and in beauty shows this few years.

Most of these are not really new but worth to ponder upon for there is something new to learn each time. After all, we don't want to cake our face with lots of makeup if our skin is well take care of.  I am always envious of people without skin troubles and they tell you that they just use water! Sob sob, if you are with me, then here are the trend that is becoming more and more popular with beauty enthusiasts.

1. Beauty Food

Most celebrities, youtuber and people attest their beautiful an youthful skin with food that they eat.  What I notice from the trend is the consumption of healthy food containing antioxidant in the morning or through the day.  It is also to avoid having constipation that can cause the waste to stay inside the body.  My Asian mum doesn't care about skincare at all but put high emphasis on what goes into the body.

I personally have few favourites that I have been drinking and sharing with people around me.  These food need little knowledge of cooking compare to the sea cucumber recipe or the Dragon Dew Cake .  It is also not as expensive as ginseng, bird nest or sea cucumber.

Japanese Green tea
Japanese Green tea

Japanese Green tea
I drink this daily to reduce acne actually and I like the taste =) .  You are supposely to take out the green tea bag after 1 min and not wait more than 2minutes else it will turn yellow.

Hibiscus tea (Roselle)
Hibiscus tea (Roselle)

Hibiscus tea (Roselle)
It is more commonly know as hibiscus tea but there are many plants under the Hibiscus.  So, the one people use for tea is actually Roselle to be exact.  Here in my country, we called it the fake Ribena.  It tastes like sour grape juice.  It is sourish and the stronger the colour, the better the taste to me.  It is better to drink it warm but most people drink it cold here which might lessen the effectiveness.

2. Minimalist skincare


While in the past there was recommendation of using 15-20 products in one skincare routine, the trend has changed to using minimal effective products for the skin.  Who have the time to spend 3hours in one single routine for their skincare routine when we barely have time to remove those makeup at night?  Not to mentioned I forgot what is my next products to use since I barely remembered what I eat yesterday.
Most people find using 4-6 products (doesn't add in cleansing products) are enough to cover their needs, shorten their time and lessen the irritation since we don't use everything from just one brand and one line.  Some products can cause irritation in long term especially if you have acne prone skin so it is easier to figure it out if you have shorter skincare products than an elaborate 15-20 products. However, if using 20 products is your choice, you don't have to listen to me because I am just sharing my observation from the current trends.
One of the products that is in the beauty arsenal is moisturiser. Get one that will moisturise your skin according to your skin type as moisturised skin prevents wrinkles from forming faster and thus a younger looking skin =) .  Also get a serum than using a whole bunch of 7 serum that works the same.

3.Use a sunscreen 
This is a no brainer.  Many skin expert, doctors and dermatologist will recommend you to use a sunscreen to protect the skin from damage from the UV rays.  The sun rays are number 1 cause of skin aging and skin cancer.  SO, protect your skin!  Get sunscreen that your skin agrees to.  At least there more sunscreen to choose from compare to 10 years ago where the only sunscreen that is supposed to protect me caused me clogged pores and more acne.  I avoided those messy sunscreen until some Japanese brand came out with better formulation sunscreen.
It is better to prevent then to repair the damage later.  Not to mention the amount of money save with using sunscreen now!

4. Focus on cleansing products

Cleansing Asian skincare products

Just like moisturising and sunscreen, the focus is on cleansing the skin well to prevent clogged pores and other skin problems.  Even if you do not wear makeup, you do need to clean the face well from sunscreen as sunscreen residue can cause clogged pores and acne if left on the skin.  Please do not wear sunscreen at night if you are going to sleep as it clogged the skin!

It is commonly that most people do the double cleansing.
1st cleanser which are either oil cleanser, balm cleanser or micellar water.
2nd cleanser which are foam cleanser, gel cleanser or milk cleanser.
3rd cleanser-organic soap bar which some use it to wash their hand and apply the foam on the face in between 1st cleanser and 2nd cleanser

Wow, I guess you are probably shocked at using so many cleanser but that is the amount of effort put into cleansing now.  Organic soap are different from the regular harsh bar soap so they are more expensive than regular soap.  Choose your cleanser well since some cleanser can irritate and cause clogged pores.

So, I hope that there is something new after going through this long winded post.  You are entitled to your own opinion even if you do not agree with this 'trend'.  After all,  it is just opinions and each of us will want to maintain youthful skin as long as possible without too much effort.

No sponsored products. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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