Skincare products and cosmetics are part of beauty regime. With so many choices, it is not easy to make choices. I was introduced to western products in the past and also Asian brands. I think most of the time; I was going between western and also cosmetics products so I figured that I could voice my thought on this.


Western skincare VS Asian skincare

I think there are many brands from different western countries and seriously I have not used them all. However, I can say that there are differences between skincare from France, US, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. There are also differences between the organic, drugstores and also department brands. All I could say is not everything is organic and  expensive brands does not guarantee that it is good. Also not all cheap drugstore brands are lousy.

As for Asian skincare products there are differences between skincare from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and China. Again, I should not say that I had tried all of those products. I will not say everything that comes from Asia are good because I had tried some that broke me out or just doesn’t fit my skin type.

I notice that most Asian will start with using product from drugstores and ‘upgrade’ it to more expensive brands once they start working or when they have the money. It is also common for Asian to be using western products that are popular with the mass.

I think the drastic differences between Asian skincare products and Western skincare products are:

Choices for variety of skincare types

-I think Korean products really have a lot of skincare products for many skincare types. You can get moisturiser for acne prone, dry skin, big pores, sensitive and for age 30 years old.

I can’t get that from western products because most of the products produced are just for oily, teenagers’ skin type. I will break out even more if I use the wrong products.

There are skincare products market for certain skin types, age and concern. So, that makes it easier for me to find products according to my skin and problems.


Many will say Asian skincare products are cheaper than Western skincare products. It is Yes and NO. Just like Western department brands and drugstore brands, it goes the same for Asian skincare products. Some of the brands like SKII, Sulwhasoo, Whoo and etc are high end brands that are priced the same if not equal like some western brands.

It is just that I will say there are more qualities products even among the cheaper brand like Nature Republic, Skinmiso, Thefaceshop,Innisfree, Secret Key, Missha and etc because of the competitions among the brands. So, we as the consumers can get good quality products even from roadshop brands.


Western brands do not have fancy packaging because most of the time, the quality of the product is what matters and that with really sleek looking packaging comes with high cost as well. However, with competition from the East, I think many western brands has step up their game to look into their packaging now.

Asian brands especially Korean has such cute packaging that we felt sad to even throw away those boxes away which also makes their products really appealing to consumers like us. Who are not tempted by packaging by Etude House, Tony Moly and History of Whoo? So pretty.


I think there are many texture in the Asian skincare products than in the West. There is pudding, gel, foam, serum, mist, jelly, mochi and cream form of skincare products that I think it is impossible for one not able to find the type that they like.

Also the reason that there are so many names for different skincare products that it was so confusing if you are new to Asian skincare products. It doesn’t stick to their skincare products but also their sunscreen which has so many texture that one am surely lost at what to buy.

Western products are easier to choose from but because of it also, you do not much choice. I could say western cream is really much heavier than Korean cream. Most of the sunscreen also has heavier texture which I don’t really like.

However, I won’t say that all Asian skincare products are amazing or all are better than Western skincare products.

It is just matter of reading up the ingredients and avoid those that can potentially gives you allergy.

Innovations and trends
The trends and innovations really moved fast in Asian so the companies has to really churn out products that are really innovative and works wonderful for most skin types.  Thanks to that also we have so many products such as the snail’ cream, bb cream, cc cream, cushion and dupe for western products that really work wonderfully at affordable price.  Even sheet masks has been upgraded to cellulose and hydrogel masks.
Trends move really fast to entice and to fulfill the demands for skincare products here.  Most aim for beautiful skin than buying the latest makeup products here.  So, I think that is why there are more skincare products than makeup here in Asia.

Overall, I think there are things I like about Asian and Western skincare products.  Here is several recommendation that I will suggest you to look in you are interested to try Asian skincare products or just to add into your skincare regime or compare to western skincare products.

Asian skincare products

Japanese sunscreen or one made for Japanese- these are usually has very light texture and not clogging.

Korean Moisturiser for acne and summer- there are many types of moisturizers that are can fit skin types, age and also skincare concern.  However, if you want moisturiser for winter, look for western one because I find Asian moisturiser too light even if it is said for dry skin and not enough to moisturize the peeling skin.

Taiwanese and Korean sheet masks-there are many choices, cheap and works better than western one.

Dupe products:  There are many really famous dupe products such as dupe of Estee Lauder, dupe of SKII that have even better ingredients and it is more affordable.

Sleeping masks- these are really famous for the moisturizing properties and many leave the skin really moisturize.

Toner- generally Asian toner are better than Western toner. I find Asian toner more hydrating and less harsh on my skin.

Acne products-there is many products out there for every acne skin type and age which make it easier to choose.  Also it is less drying on skin. I will say look for moisturiser, toner and spot products for acne prone from famous Korean brands.

Brightening&whitening products-  Many are shocked that we want to 'whiten' our skin.  Actually it is more like having porcelain fair skin.  Asian dislike going darker than their natural skin colour.  The fairer the better actually.  So, whitening and brightening products are always in trend and more develop in Asian since there is always demand of light texture, pores reducing and gentle to the skin.

As for Western skincare products

Cleansers- I prefer the natural gel texture that is really different from Asian foam cleanser that doesn’t really suit my skin.  I think Western gentle cleanser are more PH balance that Asian cleanser.  Besides, the innovate Micellar cleansers started from the French brand Bioderma which I still do love.

Clay&mud mask-I think the clay&mud masks made by Western brands are stronger in terms of the effect on my skin.

Cream for winter-Western cream sure has thicker texture and more suitable for winter.  It is the one I will look for when my skin is too dry.

Oil- There is many oil products and essential oil that I do adore from the Western brand.  I guess it is because the effect of oil on my skin makes me have preference towards Western skincare products if I want to buy oil products.

Organic products- I love many of the organic brands but of course it is more expensive but it is more gentle and hydrating to my skin.

So, I think that is what I think about Western and Asian skincare products.  I will talk about Western VS Asian makeup products in another post since this is already too long.  Hopefully you will find this helpful.  If you are unsure of Asian skincare products do visit this link Here


Opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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