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It is a common thing to hear people going on diet to achieve that 'S' body or that 'hourglass' body.  I will not recommend anyone to go on that one food diet and juice cleanse. I had tried it resulting in me being hungry all the time and I gained 2kg right the moment I started eating.
There are many losing weight ways out there which I find ridiculous and absolutely not going to work.  Some will even cause serious side effects. However, I shall not go on and on since I guess you might have different opinions on what works.

However, I think everyone just want to lose weight to look healthy and not skinny.


I think the trend of diet now is to have those healthy looking body. While many wanted to achieve that kind of body, not many are willing to do exercise for it. So in order to reduce weight, most will modify their food intake or go for surgery.

Here are few tips on gaining a healthy body.

Be realistic

No matter how much you starve yourself it is going to work because your bones structure is like that. So, be real on how much you can lose to stay healthy. If you already can see bones and already fainting few times per day, you are not supposed to lose more than that. So check your body built first.

Our body grow cell fats if you eat too much food containing sugar, carbs and not good fats but it will only shrink when you lose fats.  It means the cells has the potential to grow bigger if you do not care about your food intake.  So do not grow more fats cells by eating too much of those kind of food.

Be patient
Everything takes time; it is not a one day thing. The same goes for the reason you gain weight. Have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Check what’s your recommended calories intake is. Everyone is different depending on your lifestyle and body mass. So, do not try those celebrities’ diets just because this people look gorgeous with their "S" or hourglass body. There is no fast track.

Word of caution, losing weight too fast can cause you to have stretch marks and flabby skin so don't lose it too fast.  Nothing good comes from a roller coaster meals and lifestyle.

Be natural

What I mean here is eating natural food compare to those pills and diet drinks. I prefer natural method which is eating real stuff. Chewing on real vegetables, fishes and carbohydrates are way better than eating sugar laden drinks. It is slow but it works and the effect last long. It is also good to cultivate good eating habits than relying on those unproven methods.

When you are eating outside, please check for the hidden sugar, carbohydrates and trans fats. It is usually hidden in many of the so called “healthy food”-salad, fishes, sauces, desserts and diet drinks.

I did calculate my food calories daily and I don’t eat more than my recommended intake. That is the reason for maintaining weight. I do eat desserts, cakes and fried stuff but that is once a week and not daily. Don’t feel guilty because one meal of dessert is not going to make you fat. Just remember not to go overboard with your counting calories.

However, if you are going to do exercise heavily that day, do eat more. Don’t fix yourself to only one calories intake or should I say don't starve yourself because nothing good comes from starving yourself. It will only result in you gaining more fat after that.

 You could check here for suggestion on my daily diet Here.

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