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I know that I am late in posting this but better late than never right?  So I am here is the latest 2015 Korean trends.


Skin type

It is the glowing skin, poreless and fair skin here. The younger the skin looks, the better. Bronzer or darker kind of shadow is just to give the V shape to the face. I don’t think Asians like tan skin. It is always fair here.

Also the makeup is usually the “no makeup look”. So, most of the makeup usually look really natural. Besides, most prefer to invest their time into skincare than buying the latest makeup products.

DIY skincare products

I think there are already emerging brands that offer the opportunities to DIY their own skincare. However, I am not sure about the choice because from what I see, choice is still limited to few ingredients and skin type. Most of the ingredients are using essential oil which not everyone are suited to. However, some will opt to DIY their own because it doesn’t contain any preservatives or more ‘natural’.

The only thing I don’t suggest one to DIY their own will probably be sunscreen and serum. Those need to be made by professional in a secure laboratory to ensure their potency.

DIY cosmetics /recycle

Banila Co. VV Bouncing Cushion (SPF50+ PA+++)

Currently there are also bloggers that shows how to recycle makeup products into something else. I commonly saw the eye shadows and lipstick recycle into blusher, cc blusher cushion and also shadow sticks. I think the common one is to recycle your eyeshadow into nail polish.

I like the ability to make your own bb/cc cushion. You can actually mix up endless of products but since it is currently new and we have lacked of chemistry knowledge, then we are not sure of what will happen to the product on our skin in long run. One thing for sure, it might be cheaper than buying the readymade bb/cc cushion since we can just use our foundation or bb creams and turn them into cc cushion.

Again DIY products usually don’t last long as those made in the sterile environment of the laboratories. Still you can make use of those products that you do not use into something that you can use right?

Skincare products

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

I wouldn’t say that Korean brands has all their skincare in ‘organic’ form but most of the brands try to make their skincare products safe from harmful ingredients. So, do read the ingredients up if you are particular about free from paraben, synthetic ingredients or dye.  Fermented products are still in trend and more natural products will be be included in their skincare products.

Famous skincare products and cosmetics that are currently in trend for 2015.

Most of the products became famous after appearing in the Beauty shows

Berrisom Animal masks
Animal masks

Animal masks-there are many brands now that came up with fun looking animal mask and also there is some geisha looking mask. It started in Japan I think.

Elisha Horse oil
Horse oil

Horse oil-this ingredients came out for it moisturizing properties and even many celebrities were using it. It is mainly for dry skin type so I avoid this.

I'm from Honey mask
Honey mask
Honey-honey trend just make its come back in form of the I’m from honey mask which quickly becomes loved by Korean. It is a mask for every type of skin.

Donkey milk
Donkey milk toner

Donkey milk-this one came out as one of the anti ageing skincare products in sleeping pack. Not sure how it will work

Gold mask- this is a new trend of applying the gold mask on the face which turns rubbery after that. There are few brands that currently make this mask but I am not sure on how famous it is compared to the honey mask.  Many said that their face look so glowing after using gold mask.

Lip tint pack
Lip tint pack

Berrisom Lip tint pack-this is a pack where it is like a tattoo for the whole day.

24hours makeup-2015 is about producing cosmetics that can last the whole day without clogging or disappearing after few hours. These products are tattoo which doesn't disappeared after just one application.  There is the lip tint, eyeliner and eyebrow.

Cushion makeup-here come the cushion blusher and cushion eyeliner after the cushion swept the world beauty cosmetics.

Skinfood pore fit cushion bottle
Skinfood pore fit cushion bottle

Cooling products- Skinfood pore fit cushion bottle is a cooling cushion in form of a bottle that you shakes vigorously. It really cool down the skin for a smaller looking pore. I saw many people were already asking for it here but the products haven't reach my country yet. The coverage is light to medium.
The Face Shop Natural Sun Ice Air Puff Sun
The Face Shop Natural Sun Ice Air Puff Sun

The Face Shop Natural Sun Ice Air Puff Sun and O HUI’s Sun Science Moisture Cooling Sunblock are sunscreen that comes in form of a bottle for cooling session too. It is not a mist.

COSRX Apple Zone Power Patch
COSRX Apple Zone Power Patch

Shara Shara Baby Foot Peeling Mask (40ml)
Shara Shara Baby Foot Peeling Mask (40ml)

Patches- you name it, the Korean have it for whatever patches that you need. Be it for butterfly zone on the face, the apple zone, the legs, arms, waist,lips, eyes or even for the neck. These patches are for variety of reasons and because of the convenience.

Let me know if there are trends that I have probably forget to mention here.

Have you tried any of the beauty trend or is any of the trend of interest to you?

Not a sponsored post.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.
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