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Today is a review on restaurant where most people will stop at when they are going to the North.  It is a Chinese restaurant that serves mostly rice called Restaurant Fu Man.  This is not a sponsored food review since I paid for the food. Read on to see if it is worth the money.

Restaurant Fu Man
Restaurant Fu Man 

Restaurant Fu Man
Restaurant Fu Man 

Restaurant Fu Man
Restaurant Fu Man 

Restaurant Fu Man
Restaurant Fu Man 

Restaurant Fu Man-kau yuk pork belly with taro
kau yuk pork belly with taro

Restaurant Fu Man

Restaurant Fu Man
rice at Restaurant Fu Man

The interior of the restaurant is pretty simple. You can't see the kitchen which is hidden away from the view of the restaurant.  The tables are pretty near each other so if you can actually listen to the conversation of the people next door.

As for the food, the choice is very limited. They are more popular with order of food for one person only which is very expensive if you add it all up.  There is no menu given for you to pick the dishes. So, you basically don't know the price of the food until you pay for the food.  They won't also make the effort to cook something that is not in their choice of 5 types of meat dishes, 5 types of vegetables dishes, 5 types of chicken dishes, 5 types of bean curd dishes.

We have beancurd and kau yuk (pork belly with taro).  The bowl of beancurd is just beancurd, few slices of green pepper, two slices of carrot, three thin slices of Chinese mushroom, three cauliflower and one baby corn into two. There isn't any pork or meat inside it.  The taste is average as the bean curd is dried and kept for too long. cauliflower is not wash and it has the even black one on it.

As for the kau Yuk, there are five slices of thin pork meat and five thin slices of taro (yam).  There is coriander on top.  The meat is cooked of medium tenderness.  The yam sauce is okay. Overall, not really something that I would order again or pinning for it.

The rice is more than expensive than other restaurant at RM 1.59 but they use rice of the lower quality too.

As for the service in the Restaurant Fu Man, it is slow and bad.  I waited for about 15minutes and another 40minutes before the food is served. There wasn't even many patrons to be honest and I wonder what is it taking that long for two simple dishes. 

To be honest, it is even worst when I wanted to pay since no one sees my hand raised up in the air for 10 minutes waiving.  In the end, I had to go to the counter and pay it myself.

As mentioned there isn't many to choose for as everything mentioned are very expensive.  Who have the time to eat abalone or sea cucumber when people are just passing by that road during travelling up north?  The people in the next table was also taking so long to choose to eat since all the common dishes are not there and all they recommend are those expensive dishes.

Overall, Restaurant Fu Man is not a place that I would go again since food is not really worth the wait.  I don't like the service too. Basically paying for something that is not worth the money. Head to Slim River for dinner or before 12pm which has better restaurants with better food than in Tanjung Malim.

Restaurant Fu Man 39 ,Jalan U1,Taman Universiti, Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia

Food items priced at:

There is GST of 6% charged.
Beancurd RM13.78
Pork RM25.44
Rice RM1.59
Drink per bottle RM3.18

Not sponsored. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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