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Truly, Asia is a place with varieties of cuisine and food.  We have food that some find it hard to stomach.  Food ingredients such as sea cucumber is deemed as one of the greatest food for beauty and staying young but the looks may make some run to the nearest exit.

Today, I am eating carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang which looks more like lunch fit for Tarzan. I bought it to try for science and to show my love of Asian food 😅.  So if I don't have any new post after this, it means that I had probably died a horrifying death.  Honestly, who are not terrified after watching all those hungry gross plant eating horror movies and now eating one?????

eat carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang

carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang
cooked carnivorous Pitcher plants
carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang
cooked pitcher plant

carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang
cooked carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang

carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang
cooked carnivorous Pitcher plants lemang

Pitcher plant refers to species of Nepenthes and the Sarraceniaceae with about 170 species.  It is characterized by the pitfall traps which look like pitcher with a closure at the top.  It lures insects into the pitcher trap with sweet nectar and then drown the insect with the liquid which is called phytotelmata.  Yup, basically I am eating a bug trap plant.

Just like the Pokemon Victreebel and Bellsprout it is a genuinely terrifying looking thing. However, it recently became a really popular as one of the traditional dish served during Hari Raya Puasa(a festival) to replace Lemang which is a traditional food made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, salt which is cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves. It is also a food eaten by the Bidayuh in Sarawak.

I think the one I have here is the Nepenthes species. I am not sure how this one look like in reality since it would means I need to go deep into the tropical forest to hunt for one 😓😰 . That is if I am not abducted by some forest aliens or eaten by wild beasts first.

Anyway, here inside this cooked Pitcher plant glutinous rice lemang.  Hopefully this one has not become graveyard to too many insects or bugs.😰

Inside is the glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and salt.  It is easily removed by just cutting it with a knife or I can just tear the skin out like a Hulk.

It tastes the same as glutinous rice with coconut milk wrapped with banana leaves.  If you served it to me without the pitcher plant, I won't even know that it is cooked inside this carnivorous plant.  The glutinous rice is delicious on its own and it would be even better with chicken curry. The glutinous rice is soft with smell of banana leaves.  There is no bitterness in it.  I would eat it again if I am able to find it again because it is a rare traditional food.  I do need those magic spell from Harry Potter to remove that particular strands of nightmare memories from watching too much plant eating human movies.

So, the next time you are in South East Asia and you are lucky to come across this pitcher plant glutinous rice is around, do try it out.  It is sure better than Durian which is another love of mine for those adventurous people out there.

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I bought it for RM6 per pitcher plant depending on size.
Not sponsored or paid.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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