To Kbeauty nail trend lovers, I am sure you would like to try some of their nail products too without breaking your bank.  I really love their nail arts which is really unique and pretty.

So, when I saw that Althea was looking for people to review WithShyan Nail It Box and got selected, I was really aesthetic because this is my first time trying out Korean nail products.

Besides, this limited  WithShyan Nail It Box is just such a great value nails value box.  The individual product combined in this box cost RM448.  This box is only cost RM93 which is 79% discounted which is really awesome.  Althea has limited edition box that has great discounts and always sold out fast so get yours while you can.

So here is an unboxing of Althea X Withshyan Nail It Box.

withshyan is a Korean brand that made lots of affordable nail products. Their products are not just limited to classic nail polish. They do have gel nail polishes, stickers, glitter, stones and nail care. Basically everything you will need for a professional at home nail art effect.

Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Althea X Withshyan Nail it Box

Althea X Withshyannail it box
Althea X Withshyan nail it box
 Everything in Althea X WithShyan Nail It box
Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Withshyan nail remover
 No, it won't make your nail disappeared. It is just the Korean direct translation is nail remover. XD

Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Withshyan favourite nail art sticker

Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Withshyan sponge and ruby pusher

Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Withshyan genie sticker

Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Withshyan genie sticker

Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Withshyan paper file

Althea X Withshyan nail it box
Withshyan toe separators

Inside the box there are 21 nail products.  9 nail lacquer/nail polishes, filler base, UV gel nail top coat, nail polish remover, peel off, paper file, ruby pusher, paper nail file, nail art sponge, toe separators,1 genie sticker and 3 random favourite stickers.

List of Withshyan nail polish colours:
Honeymoon is a bright red color with fine black glitters.
Bouquet is a really pretty soft glittery pink. The most popular colour for bridal nails.
Spring golden bell is a bright yellow.
Mango is a bright light orange.
Reddish purple is a purple with pink undertone to it.
Geranium is a bright red colour with orange. 
Green Latte is a yellowish light green.
Green Leaf is a dark green.
Lapis Lazuli is a deep bright blue.

I really like  Withshyan Nail It Box since it allows me to do a lot of nail art and patterns.

Spring golden bell, Mango, Honeymoon, Reddish purple, Geranium, Bouquet, Green Latte, Green Leaf, Lapis Lazuli.  The nail polishes are really vibrant, smooth and dry fast.  The colours are just perfect for this summer given that pastel goes well with the this year fashion trends. Their nail products are of good quality and definitely worth the money.

What I really like from this box is the peel off which you can use to create a lot of patterns on the nail. This make it a lot easier to do nail art on the other hand using my non dominant hands. I think many of you can understand that it is really a struggle to just apply nail polish using our non dominant hand.

The top cot is really great to create the gel nail polish look. Apply it on top for the gel nail effect look which is really nice.

Overall, Withshyan Nail It Box is a great box to get and I love every products inside this box.  I will probably do more nail art design in the future.

Lastly, bonus picture.

Korean inspired negative space fruit nail art design
Korean inspired negative space fruit nail art design

I did a nail tutorial for Korean summer fruit nail watermelon with products in the Withshyan so check out HERE.

Product retails for
Althea X With Shyan Nail It Box  at RM93 (original price at RM448)
Made in Korea.

RM20 off for your first order, and I'll get RM20 HERE
For more information, please visit Althea official website, Althea Instagram, Althea Facebook and With Shyan website.  Product is courtesy of Butterfly project . However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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