Here is the details about my my current skin.

A big change compare to my college and secondary school with erupting volcanoes on my face. I no longer have acne on my forehead or nose.  So, for those trying to 'fix' their acne themselves, better know what your skin type is.  Most people made a huge mistake with their own skin type and so use the wrong products which worsen the skin condition.

I share your feeling as I have been on that lonely journey and it had made a very cranky with no self esteem at all.

If you have serious skin problem, look up for a really good skin doctor(not the one that just want to make money out of you) and trust me it won't cost you much.  Search up for the price or google up.  It is better than you keep trying products after products and further hurt your skin.  Also it is better than getting advise from a person with no medical background like me.  I am worried if I wrecked your skin. So do research my advice and try it a little by doing patch test on a small area before using on your whole face.

I did not go for a dermatologist so I doctor my own skin and I have lots of dented scars to be reminded of my bad skin so I don't wish this upon anyone.

After knowing your skin and have fix your problem, then you can try other products little by little.  What I use in my blog are all tested on myself so it may or may not be suitable for you.

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MY AGE: already in my early 30s . =(

SKIN TONE: fair and pink undertone. in between N21&N23

TYPE OF SKIN: sensitive, acne prone and combination (oily at t-zone and normal at other places).
Because of my age and imbalance hormone, my acne migrated to the jaw area. I am more sensitive to certain ingredients now too.

WEATHER: hot and humidity of above 90%

BROWS: sparse&light brown

HAIR COLOR: brunette and dark brown


EYES COLOUR : dark brown and I have eye bags since I was 10 years old =(


WEATHER: 30 to 35 celcius(Malaysia is just so hot)

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